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Summer or winter? Both, of course! In the heart of the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, enjoying nature is on people’s holiday agenda year-round. Hikers and mountain bikers, skiers and snowboarders, relaxation seekers and sports enthusiasts of all ages: They all love to come to Bichlbach. Why? Let’s find out!

Facts & figures

Where is Bichlbach?

Amidst the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, there’s a valley that connects Ehrwald’s valley with Lechtal Valley. And there – in the so-called Zwischentoren – you’ll find Bichlbach. The rivers Lech and Loisach form the natural borders of the municipality, which consists of a total of three villages: Alongside the long, drawn-out town of Bichlbach, Lähn und Wengle are all located within close proximity of each other. 

Where does the name “Bichlbach” come from? It was probably derived from the word “Puechelpach”, which means “stream surrounded by beech trees”.

A look back in time

The history of Bichlbach

The first settlers came from the Allgäu region, and the town was first mentioned in official documents as “Puechlpach” in 1300. Just like nearby Biberwier, Bichlbach was known for being a mining town – and especially, for the mining of lead and galmei ore. The district of Lähn – which means something like “avalanche” – constituted the border of the bishopric between Augsburg and Brixen until 1816. 

You’re wondering how Lähn received its name? A town formerly known as Mittewald was destroyed by an avalanche in 1456 and then rebuilt in a different location under the name of “Lähn”. 

Until 1859, the town was also the seat of the local “Große Zunft Bichlbach”, a guild of carpenters and masons. Today, the guild church in Bichlbach is the only one of its kind in the German-speaking realm. But more on that later … 

Two towns, one ski resort

Winter in Bichlbach

The lush green Alpine pastures become a snowy white paradise in winter. Skiers and snowboarders can start their ski day right in the town’s centre and make their way up into Berwang-Bichlbach ski resort from there. Cross-country skiing, ice skating, ice stock (Alpine curling), sledging or snowshoeing: Thanks to all these options, sports enthusiasts enjoy holidays filled with variety in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena.

Exploring nature

Summer in Bichlbach

In summer, the hiking trails of Bichlbach are explored by families, mountain bikers and mountaineers. Relaxation seekers and sports enthusiasts enjoy the beauty of nature, the fresh mountain air and the beautiful contrasting landscapes of the region – perfect conditions for pure holiday joy in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena!

Countless options for activities

Bichlbach for families

Summery Bichlbach is a true Eldorado for young holiday guests. Among the highlights: the sports and leisure park including its bathing pond, a high ropes course, flying fox, discgolf, minigolf and rafting. Another popular destination for excursions is the petting zoo with its fairytale world and nativity museum. What’s more, mountain scooters can be rented at the Almkopfbahn mountain station – for action-fuelled fun with the whole family.

Family-friendly offers take centre stage at Berwang-Bichlbach ski resort. What speaks for that are the many blue slopes and child-appropriate offers of the local ski school. If you’re looking for thrill and action, you can find both at the Obstacle Park by the Thanellerkar lift station. Nighttime skiing and sledging are two other family highlights that can be enjoyed every Thursday.

Visiting the neighbouring villages

Lähn and Wengle

In summer, the villages of Lähn and Wengle are the perfect starting points for countless tours through the region. Active holiday guests explore the unique mountain world of the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena either on foot or by bike. The Ammergau Alps, Lechtal Alps or the Wetterstein range including the Zugspitze? Hikers, mountaineers and bikers get to take their pick.

By the way, the same holds true for ski tourers and cross-country skiers: They all love to pursue their passion in Lähn-Wengle. What’s more, skiers and snowboarders can reach the various ski resorts of the region by taking the free ski bus – it hardly gets more convenient. 

Download local map Lähn-Wengle

Culture & attractions

Fans of culture and history should definitely visit Austria’s one and only guild church and the baroque church of St. Joseph. If you’d like to find out more about the fascinating history of the former “Große Zunft Bichlbach”, you might want to stop by at the guild museum. On its premises, you can also find the local library.

A first glimpse

Images of Bichlbach

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Holiday guests who would like to receive some tips on how to get even more out of their stay in Bichlbach should visit us at our tourist office. And of course, we’re happy to attend to your enquiries over the phone or via e-mail as well.

Traditional and cosy

Accommodation options in Bichlbach

Holiday apartment, chalet or farmhouse? What matters most is that it’s in Bichlbach, Lähn or Wengle. Choose the location that meets your needs and holiday plans by selecting from a variety of accommodation options! Arrive, check in, and discover the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena! The sooner the better, right?

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A man and a woman at dusk with torches in a snow-covered pine forest. | © (c)TZA_C. Jorda (10)_kl
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