Heart of the TZA
Places of Power

Recharge your batteries.

Places of power have a special energetic significance and are often perceived as places of healing, peace and inspiration. These places can be natural or man-made and are often visited in the pursuit of inner peace, spiritual enlightenment or simply a connection with nature.
Of course, you can find such places anywhere in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena: in the forest, while hiking in the mountains, swimming in a mountain lake or on a climbing wall that is special to you. We have summarized the most powerful places for us here.

More power

Our mountains, lakes, rivers and waterfalls are all very powerful and more than just beautiful to look at. Below you will find further natural highlights of the region and tour tips that will inspire you. You can get an overview on our interactive map, perhaps you will discover your own personal power spot here in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena on your next vacation.



Everything at a glance with our interactive map.