cable car & lift facilities

In the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, it’s all about having a wonderful time in higher altitudes – no matter the season. If you would like to know which cable cars and lifts take you up into the mountains: The overview shows you which facilities are currently open. What are you waiting for? Have a seat and take a ride up to mountain joy! 

Status Attraction Type
A Tiroler Zugspitzbahn Mountain railway
B Gletscherbahn Mountain railway
C Sonnenkar 6-person chairlift
D Brunntal Tow lift
E Wetterwandeck 6-person chairlift
F Weißes Tal Tow lift
G Schneefernerkopf I Tow lift
G Schneefernerkopf II Tow lift
Status Attraction Type
A Ehrwalder Almbahn Cable car
B 6er Ganghofer 6-person chairlift
C 6er Gaistal 6-person chairlift
D 6er Issental 6-person chairlift
E Hochbrand Tow lift
F Klämmli Tow lift
G Mini Tow lift
H Kinderland Rope tow
Status Attraction Type
1 Sunracer 6-person chairlift
2 Wettersteinbahn 3-person chairlift
4 Skischullift Tow lift
F Pisten-Förderband 120m Magic carpet
Ü Förderbänder Skischule Magic carpet
3 Gamskarlift Tow lift
Status Attraction Type
Förderbänder Familyjet Magic carpet
L1 Grubigsteinbahn Cable car
L2 Grubig II Cable car
L3 Hochmoos-Express 6-person chairlift
L4 Grubigalmbahn 4-person chairlift
L6 Schihüttenbahn 2-person chairlift
L7 Plattensteig Tow lift
L8 Familyjet Cable car
L5 Gamsjet 6-person chairlift
Status Attraction Type
Bärenbadlift Tow lift
Braunilift Tow lift
Egghof Sun Jet 6-person chairlift
Mooslift Tow lift
Obere Karbahn I (10er Gondelbahn) Cable car
Panoramabahn Rastkopf 2-person chairlift
Sonnalmbahn 4-person chairlift
Thanellerbahn 6-person chairlift
Thanellerkarlift Tow lift
Karlift Heiterwang Tow lift
Rinnerlift Tow lift
Sonnenbichllift Bichlbach Tow lift
Status Attraction Type
B1 Marienbergbahn I 6-person chairlift
B2 Marienbergbahn II 2-person chairlift
B4 Jochlift Tow lift
B5 Almlift Tow lift
B6 Biberland mit Förderband Magic carpet
B3 Schöner Hanglift Tow lift

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