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Behind the scenes at the Bergbahnen Langes

A look behind the scenes

At that time, it was the one-seater chairlift, cold and long rides remained in the memory, but still a luxury at that time. Today it is also a luxury but in other dimensions. The mountain railways of the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena strive daily to ensure the well-being of their guests. In the meantime, there are 56 mountain railways in the entire region, which, whether in summer or winter, transport many guests comfortably up the mountain.

In winter, the mountain railways and their ski areas offer 142 kilometres of pistes, 106 of which are snow-covered slopes. In summer, guests can take the cable cars up to the green alpine meadows in comfort and even take their bikes or prams with them.

Even though not all cable cars are in full operation in summer, work continues diligently in the background. A look behind the scenes, with the managing director of Bergbahnen Langes, gives you an insight into what the employees do throughout the year, how the cable cars are heated in winter, where the cable cars and snow groomers are housed in summer and much more.

Everything for safety
A look into the technical rooms tells what is done during the revision to keep the cable cars in good condition and to guarantee the highest safety.
The staff is trained and instructed in the best possible way every year for this indispensable work. Of course, the cable cars are also comprehensively checked every 5 years by external accredited experts (TÜV).
Luxury goods on the rope

How much does one of these things cost? One of the most frequently asked questions during the tour. Basically, the question can be answered with "not little" from the beginning.

For example, the newest cablecar of the Bergbahnen Langes, a gondola with 10 seats, is equipped with a seat heating, the running costs for the heating alone are already enormously high. Every single pane of the cabin is worth approximately as much as a middle-class small car. Calculated on all cabins, this is a lot of windows :-D

Of course, the price varies according to the type of cable car and depends on various factors.

Heavy giants in summer

390 horsepower, 9 tons weight and huge chains for maximum grip on the track. The mighty Pistenbullys ride the slopes every evening in winter to prepare them for skiers and snowboarders. In summer, however, they are allowed a break. But what happens to the heavy equipment and where are they stored during the hot season?

A glance at the piste equipment garage quickly makes it clear that a lot happens here in summer too. Even then, the machines must be constantly repaired and put through their paces so that nothing stands in the way of their use in winter. If you want to find out more, you can also do so in winter in Biberwier, as a Pistenbully co-pilot.

Tip for the winter:

At Bergbahnen Langes, a look behind the scenes regularly gives you the opportunity to learn more about the work behind the scenes of the cable car company.

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