Fun in the water at the foot of the Zugspitze

Crystal-clear mountain lakes, natural bathing lidos, impressive waterfalls and the Loisach river as well as public pools with diverse offers, and boat trips on Lake Heiterwanger See: The element of water presents itself in all its beautiful and diverse recreational facets in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena – especially in summer.

Bathing lakes

Lake Heiterwanger See

Lake Heiterwanger See is located right at the entrance to the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, in the municipality of Heiterwang am See. Together with Lake Plansee is constitutes the second biggest body of water in Tyrol. Lake Plansee belongs to the municipality of Reutte and is connected to Lake Heiterwanger See via a 300-metre channel.

In summer, there’s a lot going on around the lake and in the water – much more than “just” people swimming. You can head out on the water on stand-up paddle boards or in a boat. A rowing boat costs EUR 16.00 per hour (1/2 hour EUR 10.00), a pedal boat costs EUR 22.00 per hour (1/2 hour EUR 14.00) and an electric boat costs EUR 29.00 per hour (1/2 hour EUR 18.00). Hikers, runners and bikers can be seen pursuing their passion along the trails around the lake. And if you’re in the mood for relaxation, you might want to find a quiet cove to have a barbecue or go fishing.

  • Elevation: 976 m
  • Surface area: 137 ha
  • Depth: 60 m
  • Water temperature: 19 to 22 °C
  • Lake floor: gravel, rocks & pebbles
  • Prices: Lake Heiterwanger See: free (parking fees in some areas)
    Lake Plansee: fees apply in some places
  • More details: dogs allowed


Sports offers


Children & families

Rental services

  • Hotel Fischer am See
  • camping grounds by the lake
  • parking spaces
  • culinary offers
  • bathroom facilities
  • can be reached with public transportation
  • sailing/boats
  • stand-up paddle boarding
  • rod fishing
  • diving

(sand) playgrounds

Lake Blindsee

Lake Blindsee is located just below the Fern Pass and amidst a forested mountain landscape – hidden at first glance. But it’s exactly this special location with impressive scenic views that makes this lake so enchanting and attractive to visitors. What’s more, this lake is a secret tip among divers: Thanks to a visibility range of up to 30 metres, they can admire a mystical underwater scenery of logs and tree trunks that have been lying at the bottom of the lake for a long time already.

Important: Lake Blindsee is privately owned by Hotel Mohr life resort. For stand-up paddeling, rod fishing and diving, you’ll need to acquire a permit or license.

  • Elevation: 1,093 m
  • Surface area: 26 ha
  • Depth: 25 m
  • Water temperature: 18 to 22 °C
  • Lake floor: rocks & pebbles
  • Prices: parking fees
  • Infrastructure: car park
  • Sports offers: rod fishing, diving
  • More details: dogs allowed

Lake Mittersee

Even though idyllic little Lake Mittersee near Biberwier is called a “mountain lake”: It’s not as cold as you might think. With a water temperature of up to 22 Celsius, it’s a favourite among swimmers. Little visitors especially enjoy the new playground.

Tip: the 3-Lakes-Hike on which holiday guests can discover not just Lake Mittersee but also Lake Blindsee and Lake Weissensee. Find out more about this route by having a look at the interactive route map

  • Elevation: 1,086 m
  • Surface area: 3.7 ha
  • Depth: 4 m
  • Water temperature: approx. 22 °C
  • Lake floor: mud
  • Prices: free
  • Infrastructure: car park
  • Children & families: (sand) playgrounds
  • More details: dogs allowed

Bichlbach natural bathing pond

In a natural setting, families can go swimming at the sports and leisure park in Bichlbach: The 1,400 square metre natural bathing pond is perfect for having fun in the water. It’s only about 1.7 to 2.8 metres deep – and a great location for both a relaxed dip in the water or swimming a few sporty laps. The special kids’ area where the little ones can play and splash around is 40 to 80 centimetres deep. 

By the way: The bathing pond is only one of the diverse offers at the sports and leisure park. It also features kids’ rafting, minigolf, beach volleyball, tennis, a small-field sports area, and a playground ... Sounds fun, right


Sports offers

Children & families

Rental services

  • parking spaces
  • culinary offers
  • bathroom facilities
  • changing rooms
  • can be reached with public transportation
  • slide, diving board
  • minigolf
  • beach volleyball
  • children's areaKinder-Badebereich
  • children's slides
  • (sand) playground

sun umbrellas

Mountain lakes

Lake Seebensee

Lake Seebensee is 1,675 square metres in size and considered one of Tyrol’s most beautiful lakes – a highlight for nature lovers. The picturesque mountain lake is located above Ehrwalder Alm in the Mieminger range and hence also popular with hikers and bikers. This natural gem with its turquoise-blue waters is located in an awe-inspiring setting amidst the mountains – what more could you ask for? 

Speaking of a picturesque setting in the mountains: Lake Seebensee is surrounded by the Sonnenspitze in the east and Tajakopf in the west. To the south, you’ll see the Mieminger range and Drachenkopf – and to the north, the Wetterstein range including the Zugspitze. From Ehrwald or Biberwier, Lake Seebensee can be reached via easy hiking trails or challenging via ferratas.


The crystal-clear and 28-metres deep Lake Drachensee is located at 1,910 metres above sea level. The mountain lake can be found a little bit above Lake Seebense and below Coburger Hut – two immensely popular excursion destinations. Lake Drachensee is the highest lake in the region, so expect some frosty water temperatures! However, it’s still a great location for daredevils to take a quick dip.


Above Ehrwalder Alm and at the foot of Igelkopf at 1,585 metres above sea level, sports enthusiasts will find a beautiful little mountain lake surrounded by alpine pastures. Depending on the weather and its water levels, Lake Igelsee can be seen on the way towards Leutasch / Gaistal Valley and from Ehrwalder Alm on the route to Lake Seebensee.

Good to know: On some maps, Lake Igelsee is referred to as Lake Negelsee or Lake Egelsee.

The most beautiful hiking routes

Waterfalls in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

Nature lovers who have ever stood at the foot of waterfalls know: Watching as the waters come crashing down is an impressive and fascinating sight to see. On the Tyrolean side of the Zugspitze, these awe-inspiring natural spectacles can be found as well. As the destination of your next hike or as a breathtaking photo subject – the local waterfalls are definitely well worth visiting, and the following hiking trails lead you right to them:

Right at the source

Loisach river and its springs

Ready to discover the most beautiful locations in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena? Holiday guests who enjoy being by the water should embark on hike along the Loisach river and its springs in Biberwier. It all started with a rockslide about 4,000 years ago – since then, water bubbles to the surface from the depths of the earth. The springs of the Loisach are a popular excursion destination for relaxation seekers and hikers. The bright green colours of the different algae give the springs a radiant sheen – perfect for stunning holiday snapshots. 

Tip: the cycle route along the Loisach. From the river’s springs in Biberwier, the 115-kilometre route runs all the way to Wolfratshausen where the Loisach joins the Isar. This tour has everything it takes for a wonderful excursion: an impressive mountain scenery including a view of the Zugspitze, springs, lakes, bogs, and a unique flora and fauna. If you prefer a relaxed and leisurely tour, you should break this one up into several stages – sporty riders can cover the distance in a single day.

Swimming no matter the weather

Public pools in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

There are several locations in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena where visitors can have some fun in the water even on rainy days. At the public indoor pool at Hotel Edelweiss in Lermoos, guests get to swim their laps on 340 square metres. And the public pool at Hotel Singer in Berwang boasts 1,800 square metres of wellness area spaced out across three floors. 

Tip: Find out about these and other hotels with public pools! 

And when the sun is shining again? You can enjoy a swim at Lermoos Panorama Pool with incredible scenic views of the Zugspitze or in the Bärenbad in Berwang.

Out and about on the water

Boat trips on Lake Heiterwanger See

If you’d like to discover the fjord-like landscape and the crystal-clear water at the foot of the Zugspitze from a different perspective: A boat trip on Lake Heiterwanger See and Lake Plansee is a fascinating experience for family members of all ages. From the middle of May to the middle of October, holiday guests can hop aboard MS Margarete and MS Wilhelm. 

Good to know: The three stops for boarding and exiting the boats can be found along beautiful hiking routes around the lake. So why not combine your hike with a boat trip? What’s more, a boat trip – albeit without stops – is included in the Z-Ticket

For more information, please visit the website of Hotel Fischer am See or call +43 (0) 5674 5116!

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Stand-up paddle boarding

An enjoyable way to discover the region from the water. 

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