Grocery store, post office and village meeting place in one

Ines Dorfladen can be found in the center of Bichlbach. Regional and certified organic products are offered here. But the village store can do so much more: it is a grocery store, post office and village center all in one. In addition to regional specialties such as dumplings from the Knedlerei and dairy products from the Falger family in Berwang or fresh fish from the Ernst fish farm in Reutte, the village store also offers flowers, gifts and a coffee corner with cakes from a regional bakery. 

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A Profile
  • Business Name: Ines Dorfladen
  • Owned by: Ines Schleich
  • You can find me here: Kirchhof 34, 6621 Bichlbach
  • Our products: Regional farm products, organic fruit & vegetables, fresh dumplings from the Knedlerei, fresh fish from Reutte (always on Fridays), dairy products from the Falger family, homemade cakes, flowers & gifts
  • We have been around since: 2005, remodeled 2014
  • Local products mean to me: "For me, local foods mean that the products come from the region and travel as few kilometers as possible. That's better for the environment. I pay a lot of attention to local produce in my store. I also sell seasonal produce, i.e. only what is available at the time."
  • What makes us special: "With the help of my village store, I present the products from the region. Time moves a little slower here. Everyone feels right at home in the cozy atmosphere - whether guest or local."
  • My passion: "My job is my passion - meeting people, talking to them and selling them my products."
  • What I want to add: "I would be delighted if people, both locals and guests, would show more appreciation for local producers and be prepared to pay the higher price for local products."


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A man and a woman at dusk with torches in a snow-covered pine forest. | © (c)TZA_C. Jorda (10)_kl
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