Fun parks, halfpipes & boardercross

Snow parks in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

Cool jumps and dazzling tricks: There are special locations in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena where freestyle skiers and snowboarders can really live it up – full of thrilling pipes and diverse obstacles. Freestylers of all ages really have a blast at the various snow parks of the region. Showing off your skills on the kickers or some airborne fun on the halfpipe? On the Tyrolean side of the Zugspitze freestylers and freeriders experience their individual sporty adventures.

The Tiroler Zugspitz Arena for freestyle skiers and snowboarders

Fun parks, halfpipes, boardercross courses – snow park fans get their money’s worth at multiple locations in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. Advanced freestyle skiers and snowboarders are usually found at Ehrwalder Alm ski resort  next to the Klämmli lift. The fun park on Ehrwalder Alm is among the “BetterParks” which are both well set up and well maintained. Beginners looking for an “easier” terrain should stop by at the other snow parks of the region. 

If snow conditions allow it, another halfpipe awaits action-hungry skiers and snowboarders in the Wetterstein ski resort. The boardercross courses at Ehrwalder Alm ski resort and Marienberg ski resort round off the offers for diverse fun in the snow on the Tyrolean side of the Zugspitze. 

All parks in the region at a glance

Ehrwalder Alm snow park

At Ehrwalder Alm ski resort, freestyle skiers and snowboards can live it up at a snow park for beginners and pros. Centrally located within the ski resort – along Kämmli slope – winter sports enthusiasts can show off their skills. Convenient: Kämmli lift is the same length as the snow park. So you can keep tackling the obstacles round after round – until the lift closes. 

Besides the snow park, the fun slope at Ehrwalder Alm ski resort is yet another great location if you’d like to experience fun and action in the snow. Gliding over waves and swooshing over the “speedboost”, then dashing through the banked turns of the snow snail – one of the highlights of the fun slope … and the next big feature, the fun slope 8, already awaits you. If you master this one as well, you’ll high-five Didi the daw at the finish line – and you’ll be dying to give it all another try.

Ehrwalder Alm family park

Performing spectacular jumps and tricks exudes a special fascination for skiers and snowboarders. And the same applies as for every other sport: Practice makes perfect! Families with kids who would like to dabble in freestyling for the first time should definitely visit the family park at Ehrwalder Alm ski resort. Wide boxes and easy jumps provide perfect conditions for newbies to the sport. That’s how even little winter sports fans can experience great adventures at the foot of the Zugspitze. 

Ehrwalder Wettersteinbahnen kids park and kids halfpipe

A little bit above the valley station of the Wettersteinbahnen, it’s all about cool kids. At Gamskar lift, children can live it up on the obstacles, rails and kickers of the kids park. They’re easy to master for beginners as well. What’s more, under appropriate weather conditions, thrill-seeking kids can have some fun on the kids halfpipe – perfect for skiers and snowboarders who would like to perfect their moves and turns. 

One thing’s for sure: In the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, it’s easy to pursue your passion for the freestyle sport.

“Skimovie” track and fun park at Plattensteig lift

A fun park for beginners on one side, and the Skiline Skimovie track on the other: At the intermediate station of the Plattensteig tow lift in Lermoos, there’s a lot going on thanks to a selection of rails, boxes, kickers, and obstacles. Add to that little jumps and a waveline ... But watch out, the features in this snow park are addictive! Skiers and snowboarders who’ve always wanted to be recorded on video while giving it their all get a chance to do exactly that on the Skimovie track.

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