A picturesque little village in the Tyrolean mountains


Holiday guests looking for peace and quiet away from all hustle and bustle find it in the picturesque little mountain village of Namlos. The small municipality lies embedded amidst the Tyrolean mountains and offers a perfect setting for enjoying nature and fresh mountain air no matter the season. In the mood for a tour of exploration of the smallest town in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena? Let’s go!

Facts & figures

  • Location: idyllic mountain village 
  • Elevation: 1,264 m 
  • Districts: Kelmen
  • Neighbouring towns: Berwang and Stanzach 
  • Highlights: 
    • hiking and biking routes in the valley of Namlos 
    • Namloser Wetterspitze 
    • Fallerschein alpine pasture village 
    • nearby Berwang-Bichlbach Skiarena

Where is Namlos?

The small municipality is located in the valley of Namlos at 1,264 metres above sea level. It’s a side valley of Lechtal from where you can reach Namlos via Stanzach. In the opposite direction, you’ll reach Zwischentoren Valley via Berwang. The Kelmen hamlet is the connecting point between the valley of Namlos and Rotlechtal. 

A village without a name (that’s what “namlos” means in German): How did that happen? The answer to this question might seem rather obvious but maybe you should think again. Even though some people theorise that the name stands for a “nameless village”, most people now believe it actually comes from a settler named “Amel”. This name then gradually turned into “Namels” until the town was eventually called “Namlos”.

A look back in time

The history of Namlos

Namlos was first mentioned in official documents in 1286. The valley was originally populated by settlers from Imst, so the alpine pastures all belonged to Imst until the end of the 13th century. The 8th of October 1930 went down in history as the day of the Namlos earthquake. 16 seismic shocks destroyed parts of the village. It’s suspected that the epicentre of the earthquake was located under nearby Knittelkarspitze. It took until 1949 for Namlos to become its own independent municipality – before then, it had been part of its neighbouring town of Berwang.

A white winter wonderland

Winter in Namlos

Experienced ski tourers and winter hikers can explore many enchanting routes in the wintry Namlos region. Cross-country skiers will be amazed by this pristine winter wonderland amidst the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena as well. And skiers and snowboarders can reach the neighbouring Berwang ski resort in no time at all.

Pristine nature

Summer in Namlos

Blooming Alpine meadows and quiet summer nights – that’s the irresistible combination you’ll experience in Namlos from spring until autumn. Many hiking routes invite you to explore the beautiful landscape of the region. And in autumn during rutting season, you’ll see many a deer. Popular excursion destinations for hikers and bikers in the valley of Namlos: Namloser Wetterspitze, Knittelkarspitze and Engelspitze, Anhalter Hütte mountain hut, Lake Dreiensee and Fallerschein alpine pasture village.

Outdoor adventures in Tyrol

Namlos for families

The suspension bridge is one of the highlights for families who spend their summer holidays in Namlos. Since it exists, it has become even easier to get to the alpine pasture village of Fallerschein. In the past, part of the hiking trail led along a windy road. Now, going on a hiking adventure with the whole family has become even more beautiful – and more importantly: safer.

Going on a hike as a family is a great option in winter as well. Holiday guests who’d rather hit the slopes can do so at the nearby Berwang-Bichlbach Skiarena – a beautiful and diverse ski resort.

Culture & attractions

Small but impressive! At the picturesque mountain village of Namlos, culture and tradition play an important role. Whether its an independent fire brigade, a village band, mountain rescue services, hunting or the agricultural community: The locals are active in various areas. Maybe you’ll also get a chance of experiencing some of their traditions and customs first-hand while on holiday in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena …

A first glimpse

Images of Namlos

We’re here for you!

Berwang tourist information

The local tourist offices are the first point of contact for any enquiries surrounding your stay in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. All guests who stay in Namlos receive comprehensive support at our location in Berwang.

In idyllic surroundings

Accommodation options near Namlos

In Namlos as well as in Kelmen, Brand, Mittereggg and Berwang, holiday guests can check in at cosy accommodation options year-round. It pays to be quick, because the offers are beautiful but limited … You’ve gotten curious?

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A man and a woman at dusk with torches in a snow-covered pine forest. | © (c)TZA_C. Jorda (10)_kl
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