Trails in and around the bike park in Lermoos

The Tiroler Zugspitz Arena for downhillers

Listen up, downhillers and bike park fans: If you’re down to ride, you won’t have to look very far to find a great trail in Ehrwald or Lermoos. The diverse freeride routes are perfect for all those wanting to ride on rough terrain and downhill. A hot tip is the bike park in Lermoos on Grubigstein Mountain with its Forest One (Thunder) and Forest Two (Aisle) park trails. 

Good to know: The bike park in Lermoos is open daily from 8:30 to 17:00 between May 18 and November 5, 2023.

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Forest One

Erleben Sie ein unvergessliches Mountainbike-Abenteuer auf dem Blindseetrail, einem wahren Juwel für passionierte Biker. Dieser Singletrail, der sich vom Grubigstein zum malerischen Blindsee schlängelt, ist bekannt für seine spektakulären Ausblicke und das erfrischende Bad im kristallklaren Wasser des Sees als krönenden Abschluss. Mit einer Mischung aus fließenden Passagen, technisch anspruchsvollen Schlüsselstellen, schottrigen Abschnitten und dem atemberaubenden Blick auf den türkisblauen See bietet der Blindseetrail alles, was das Herz eines Mountainbikers begehrt.

Matter of fact: If you like natural trails, you’ll love the Forest One. Across a distance of two kilometres, this downhill trail leads you from the middle station down into the valley – with an average gradient of 33 percent. 

  • difference in altitude: 360 m – from 1,290 m down to 930 m 
  • length: 0.9 km on gravel and 2.0 km trial 
  • trail conditions: gravel, foot trails, obstacles 
  • level of difficulty: S2 medium 

Other local tips for MTB enthusiasts are the Grubigalm single track and the Blindsee trail.


Forest One

Fakt ist: Wer naturbelassene Trails mag, wird den Forest One lieben. Auf zwei Kilometern Länge führt die Downhill-Strecke von der Mittelstation bis ins Tal – mit einem durchschnittlichen Gefälle von 33 Prozent. 

  • Höhenunterschied: 360  hm – von 1.290 hm auf 930 hm
  • Streckenlänge: 0,9 km Schotter und 2,0 km Trail
  • Wegbeschaffenheit: Schotter, Trampelpfade, Hindernisse
  • Schwierigkeit: S2 mittel

Weitere regionale Tipps sind der Singletrail Grubigalm und der Blindseetrail.


Forest Two

The downhill trail is more than three kilometres long and boasts amazing scenic views alongside a heaping scoop of eager anticipation for the following Forest One trail. The Grubigstein cable car takes you up the mountain – downhill, you’ll be tackling jumps, ramps and banked curves. 

  • difference in altitude: 392 m – from 1,712 m down to 1,320 m 
  • length: 3.3 km trial
  • trail conditions: foot trails, obstacles 
  • level of difficulty: S2 medium


Der Bachtltrail startet direkt bei der Mittelstation der Grubigsteinbahnen. Der Flowtrail führt am Anfang mit mehreren Kurven über eine freie Fläche und abwechselnd im Wald. Der gesamte Trails ist mit Jumpelementen ausgestattet welche aber alle leicht überollbar sind. 

  • Höhenunterschied: 310  hm – von 1.333 hm auf 1.023 hm
  • Streckenlänge: 2,8 km Trail
  • Wegbeschaffenheit: Trail, Roller, Steilkurven
  • Schwierigkeit: S1 leicht
Cable car tickets to the bike park

Prices for the Grubig cable car

All prices in euros and incl. VAT, prices are subject to change. 



(16-18 years)


2 hours




4 hours




1 day




2 days




3 days




4 days




5 days




The following tickets are valid as well: 

Tirol Regio Card | Top Snow Card | Z-Ticket

What downhillers should keep in mind

Code of conduct at the bike parks

  • People using the downhill trails do so at their own risk. 
  • A helmet, protectors and safety equipment are mandatory along the entire route. 
  • Speed has to be adapted to the rider’s skills as well as the weather and trail conditions. 
  • Riding outside the signposted routes is prohibited – for instance, on hiking trails or in the open terrain. 
  • Safety warnings are to be observed without exception!
  • Riders are obliged to follow the instructions of the cable car staff. 
  • Entering the trails is only recommended with appropriate and well-maintained full-suspension mountain bikes. 
  • The cable car company does not assume any liability in case of accidents, injuries or damages of any kind. 
  • Immediately inform the cable car company about accidents or other noteworthy incidents! 

Abiding by these rules and regulations, you contribute to safe downhill fun on the Tyrolean side of the Zugspitze. 

More about biking in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena!

Bike holidays in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

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