A black, a white and a red moonbike on snow with a branch in the fog in the background.
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The MoonBike: an adventure in the snow awaits  

Since December 2023, adrenaline junkies in Heiterwang have a new attraction for the cold season: MoonBikes. Johannes Duller, managing director of Yoke GmbH, also enjoys racing the electric snowmobiles around the specially built track. But what exactly is a MoonBike?   

Clear skies, snow-covered fir trees, seemingly endless slopes, the wind in your face: Heiterwang’s MoonBikes are a special way to experience winter fun. Johannes Duller from Ehrwald has been managing director of Yoke GmbH for almost a year now and runs the electric snowmobile service – together with his business partner Christoph Pesendorfer, who first heard about the moon bike on Instagram. 

From France to the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

‘When Christoph asked me last September if I would like to help him with MoonBike rentals in Heiterwang, I immediately fell in love with the idea,’ recalls Johannes. ‘MoonBikes originally come from France. They were developed a few years ago by Nicholas Muron and have since been marketed there by Bosch. The name of the vehicles also comes from their inventor – gradually they have arrived in Austrian ski resorts and we’ve started to operate them here’.

But how does a MoonBike actually work? ‘We often refer to the MoonBike as a snow moped,’ he says. ‘It’s like riding a small motorbike – the only difference is that it’s powered by a thumb throttle, like a jet ski, for example.’ There is also a ski at the front of the moon bike, which is used to steer it. 

And how fast can a MoonBike go? ‘Up to 42 km/h,’ says Johannes. ‘With the battery drive, the vehicle can run for up to three hours – and is completely emission-free. There’s an ECO mode, a standard mode, and a sport mode. This means that both beginners and experienced riders can decide for themselves how much power they want on the MoonBikes. It’s also important to bring gloves, helmets, and goggles along with your desire to ride a MoonBike, although these items can also be hired.  

Practice makes perfect

Beginners and pros have one thing in common: they must be at least 15 years old. But age is not the deciding factor. ‘A certain level of physical fitness is required to move and steer the MoonBike properly. As the footrests are not adjustable, riders must be at least 1.40 metres tall,’ says Johannes. Once these requirements have been met, the ride can begin. With a 6,000-square-metre practice area and a 15,000-square-metre track with hills and bends, unlimited riding fun is guaranteed. ‘In the practice area, our guests are given a brief introduction to the equipment, which usually lasts about two to three minutes. It’s important for me to show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of and that the MoonBike holds the track extremely well.’ 

The seven MoonBikes can be booked online for rentals of 15, 30, or 60 minutes. However, Johannes recommends a maximum of half an hour for beginners. ‘After that, the steering starts to get in your arms,’ he laughs. And if your stomach starts to rumble after the ride, the adjacent service area with restaurant, petrol station, and supermarket is just the thing. If you’re in the mood for a stunning view of the Zugspitze, though, don’t miss the second MoonBikes location in Berwang, next to the Rastkopf ski lift. As well as heavenly views, the course features a long straight and lots of corners.

The dream of a MoonBike: all possible in Heiterwang

According to Johannes Duller, the MoonBike works best on fresh snow. ‘The surface is much more grippy and it’s the most fun,’ he says. And he should know – after all, he’s out and about on the equipment all the time. ‘Our terrain is regularly checked for safety – we cover it all with the MoonBikes. And if you want to see us in action before you come to Heiterwang, you can visit the ski shows in Lermoos or Berwang,’ he says with a wink. 

A snow-covered mountain range is visible in the background, with some snow-covered fir trees in front of it. In the foreground, a moonbike, a motorcycle with a chain drive and a curve for steering, can be seen on the slope.
A moon biker in an olive-green ski suit with brown gloves and boots drifts down a snow-covered slope with small fir trees.

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