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So many routes to choose from – in all directions

Biking in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

Flo Nagele from NAGELE bike sports in Bichlbach is a biking expert and guide. Here, he offers some great tips for riders in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena.

What do beginners need to know about the trails in the region?
Flo Nagele: Beginners are free to attempt many different routes in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, each offering great destinations such as crystal-clear mountain lakes or cosy alpine huts. I’d say they’re best served by starting out on the Fun Trail in Biberwier or the Mühlwald Trail in Bichlbach, which ends in the quaint little hamlet of Kleinstockach. To get to a feel for biking, and a little practice, I recommend the Skill Area or the Velosolutions pump track in Lermoos.
What about experienced bikers? Do you have any tips for the pros?
Nagele: The trails in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena are mostly all natural and untended, and offer a pure, no-frills mountain biking experience. One particular highlight is the Blindsee Trail at the Grubigstein, which is both great fun and features breathtaking views of the Blindsee lake. Attempted together with the Barbarasteig Trail in Biberwier, located on the front face of the Grubigsten, riders can also enjoy the thrill of a long downward run. The Lichte Trail in Bichlbach is definitely also worth a go if you’re interested in taking on a serious challenge.
What would you say to someone just discovering the trails in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena for the first time?
Nagele: As I said, most of our trails are as nature intended them, with roots and stones strewn along the way, just as you’d expect on a true alpine trail. This, however, does require some riding expertise. It’s also really important to respect hikers, especially on the shared trails, and the countryside itself, which we want to be able to enjoy now and in the future. In addition to the trails, bikers will find a variety of well-signposted routes in the valleys and on the mountains.
Is there anything new happening this summer or next year?
Nagele: If all goes according to plan, two new trails will open next season.
When does the season begin, and when does it end?
Nagele: The biking season in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena is dependent on the weather and snow conditions; it usually runs from early May to late October.
MTB-Lermoos/Grubigstein_(c)Klaus Listl
Is there a trail that’s suitable for families, too?
Nagele: Well, that depends on the riding skills of the family members. I’d start off with the Fun Trail. If that’s no problem, I’d move on to the Barbarasteig. Both can be made easier with a little help from the lifts. I’d also definitely recommend families pay a visit to the Velosolution pump track in Lermoos.
What tips would you give to casual bikers who want to improve?
Nagele: I recommend that bikers who want to improve their riding skills try out the services of a private guide from one of the local biking schools, such as “Bikeguiding Zugspitzarena”. Professional coaching directly on the trails, as well as valuable tricks and tips based on your actual needs, increase riding safety and the fun of biking.
MTVB-Lermoos/Pumptrack_(c)Oostenrijk TV

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