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Yoga in Lermoos with Tamara Hofherr

Focus on your entire body and work on your mental concentration: yoga in Lermoos is an opportunity for locals and visitors to come together and get their bodies moving while at the same time relaxing. Yoga instructor Tamara Hofherr tells us why a yoga class in Lermoos is a particularly worthwhile experience.

A good mix of movement, stretching, and relaxation – people who do yoga are not only doing something for their physical fitness, but also for their inner balance and mindfulness. Tamara is a trained yoga instructor and offers classes in Lermoos in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. Every Monday at 7 pm, locals and visitors come together to get active together. And the great thing about it: whether you’re a beginner or a pro – everyone’s welcome and there’s no need to sign up in advance.

Yoga in Lermoos: for locals and visitors alike

‘For the yoga class in the evening, we meet in the conservatory of the Hofherr sports and costume fashion store in Lermoos,’ says Tamara. ‘Except for appropriate sportswear, participants don’t need to bring anything. I provide the yoga mats and equipment.’ For the native of Lermoos, it’s really important to stress that the exercises are really suitable for anyone: ‘The exercises can be adapted to all abilities. My class participants decide for themselves how strenuous the yoga class will be.’ Since the class takes place without prior sign-up, both locals and visitors can take part in this evening activity. Tamara Hofherr charges ten euros per person for a yoga class.

Yoga for body strength

Try out yoga in Lermoos and treat your body to some much-needed change from your stressful daily routine. ‘If you spend most of your day sitting down, regular yoga exercises can prevent and ease back pain,’ says Tamara. The different movements also work to strengthen and stretch your muscles. ‘Any kind of exercise is good for you. A fixed date in the week and sport in a group are also great for staying motivated,’ the yoga instructor says.

Relaxation and movement at yoga in Lermoos

In addition to intensive movements and muscle stretching, relaxing the body is also very important in yoga. ‘We always have a final moment of relaxation at the end of my yoga class. The participants lie under covers on the mat and get to relax all the muscles in their bodies through my guided meditation,’ says Tamara. For her, it’s the feeling after a successful yoga class that she really values. ‘You go back out into the world feeling light and relaxed. I always feel better afterwards, and I love it when I see the participants leaving my yoga class with a smile.’

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