Hiking 2.0 with fun, games and smartphones
Digital adventure trails

Six places, six paths, six adventures

Ehrwald, Lermoos, Biberwier, Bichlbach, Heiterwang and Berwang each offer a digital tour with its own theme and lovingly illustrated main character. The six interactive trails are all around four to five kilometres long, with a walking time of one to two hours and packed with informative audio guides, videos, mini-games and puzzles. Once all the stations have been mastered, a badge is uploaded to the digital collection pass. These badges can be shown at the local tourist offices and each completed trail is rewarded with a free children's tattoo.

The trails are not only designed for families, puzzle fans and those hungry for knowledge will also get their money's worth! Find out which trail is right for you in the trail descriptions 😊

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Join Cora, the brave mountain lioness, on her exciting escape to freedom. Her journey begins on a starry night when she decides to escape the 'Brumbach' circus and leave the sinister ringmaster behind. A great adventure full of mysteries and hidden treasures begins. But the path to freedom harbours many challenges: Cunning traps and hidden paths that can only be mastered with courage and ingenuity await. With every cautious step, Cora learns that her new life is full of secrets just waiting to be discovered. Are you ready to accompany Cora on her journey to freedom and even uncover the secrets of the Ehrwaldit Stone?

For families

→ Ehrwald

→ approx. 1:30 h

→ 4,9 km long


Castor has the most amazing adventures in her castle. One day, Castor finds a shimmering coin while swimming in the pond and suddenly disappears without a trace! All she has are mysterious clues that Castor has scattered around the forest. Now she just needs your help to find him. On your way, you will stop at various stations that will help you with puzzles and clues to unravel the mystery of Castor's sudden disappearance bit by bit. This adventure requires ingenuity and team spirit to solve the mystery. Can you help the beaver girl interpret the clues and find Castor in his secret hiding place?

For puzzle fans

→ Biberwier

→ approx. 1:20 h

→ 4.0 km long


Explore the historical traces along the Via Claudia Augusta with Augustus, the Roman legionary. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world full of discoveries and learn the secrets of the Romans. From the priceless value of salt, which was once traded as "white gold", to the impressive masterpieces of Roman road construction that connected the ancient world, to the mysterious archaeological treasures that lie hidden beneath the millennia-old road - every stop along this historic route offers exciting insights into the life and achievements of a bygone era. Follow in the footsteps of the Romans and uncover the ancient secrets of the Via Claudia Augusta!

for knowledge hunters

→ Lermoos


→ approx. 1:30 h

→ 4.5 km long



Can you follow Mia on the path to relaxation and discover your inner peace? The meditation trail in Berwang is a special place where the silence of nature is combined with a feeling of serenity. Here, in these peaceful surroundings, with a little luck you will meet Mia, a very special cow. Mia accompanies us along the way and shows us at various stations how valuable it is to live in the moment and appreciate the little things. With simple breathing exercises, an extra dose of self-love and the art of gratitude, Mia teaches us to see ourselves and our environment in a completely different light and to savour every single moment. Follow Mia on this path of mindfulness and discover the art of slow living with her!

for those who savour the moment

→ Berwang

→ approx. 1:00 h

→ 3.0 km long


Immerse yourself in the world of Finn, the colour-blind fish who dreams of a hidden treasure that can only be found by solving riddles. This treasure, mysteriously hidden and guarded by the exciting riddles of the Emerald Lake, invites you on an adventure full of colourful surprises and special moments. Together with Finn and his clever friend, Doro the jackdaw, a journey full of secrets and discoveries begins. Every puzzle solved brings Finn closer to a new colour and you closer to another piece of the puzzle. An adventure that could fill Finn's world with colour and lead you to the hidden treasures awaits you. Take the plunge into adventure, solve the puzzle of the Emerald Lake and discover its hidden secrets!

for families

→ Heiterwang

→ approx. 1:30 h

→ 4.5 km long


Johann, a carpenter from Bichlbach, accompanies you on a fascinating journey through 6 stations that tell the story of his guild. Starting at the parish church of St Laurentius, he reveals more about the origins of the guild brotherhood of St Joseph and what a tragic avalanche accident has to do with it. Continuing along the picturesque forest path, Johann reveals, station by station, the deep connection between his guild and nature and the valuable resources it has utilised for generations. Finally, the journey ends at the Bichler waterfall, where the impressive natural force of the water forms a fitting climax. Are you ready to accompany Johann part of the way and discover the stories of the carpenters' guild?

for knowledge hunters

→ Bichlbach

→ approx. 1:30 h

→ 4.7 km long