Pleasure for all senses

Under the motto "Pleasure for all the senses", Sandra & Fredi produce fine delicacies and home cooking from regional and seasonal products at Naturwerk in Ehrwald: changing daily specials, breakfast and homemade cakes can be enjoyed on the terrace or in the dining room of Naturwerk as well as at home. In addition to food, the shop also sells everyday items, gifts and natural cosmetics.

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A Profile
  • Business Name: Naturwerk Ehrwald
  • Owned by: Sandra & Fredi Somweber
  • You can find us here: Hauptstraße 96 in Ehrwald; former Loisachstube
  • Our products: Everything that grows in nature or what the season has to offer: Sheep's sausages, hides, lambskin, but also natural cosmetics, wooden decorations, gift baskets, bread, bacon, jams, liqueurs, syrups and much more 
  • We have been around since: May 2021; after 30 years of running the "Loisachstube" restaurant, the decision was made to realize the long-standing dream of going "back to the roots"
  • Local products mean to us: "For us, local foods mean continuing to work with what we produce ourselves. We use everything that grows in the area and that nature provides, such as wild herbs."
  • What makes us special: "At Naturwerk, we process everything that agriculture, the garden and wild nature have to offer into our products."
  • Our passion: "We like to be in nature and process & produce food ourselves."
  • What we want to add: "Our customers can come to themselves here - can slow down a little and find their way back to nature. We are also happy to give tips on how to process at home."


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A man and a woman at dusk with torches in a snow-covered pine forest. | © (c)TZA_C. Jorda (10)_kl

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A man and a woman at dusk with torches in a snow-covered pine forest. | © (c)TZA_C. Jorda (10)_kl
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