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Children's program summer 2020

Biene Line and their friends in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena
Holidays at last!
Holidays are always great, and holidays are basically fun and a desire for adventure.
In the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena the smallest guests (4 - 9 years) can participate in a varied and adventurous weekly program.
We do not know boredom!

No matter whether it rains or the sun shines, we always find reasons to be happy and enjoy our free time. Much more fun than with the boring adults is of course among peers and in a compart-like atmosphere. During the children's programme in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena, the guest children from all over the region come together to explore the area together with lots of fun and excitement, to spend their free time and learn interesting facts about the regional flora and fauna.

This year the children's programme is all about our most important creatures, the bees. The Bee Line accompanies us throughout the week on our adventures, shows us their favourite places, introduces us to their friends and enjoys many great games with us.

Here is an excerpt from our program this year:
MONDAY | Meadow Habitat:

We start on Monday with an exciting exploration tour of the meadow habitat in Ehrwald along the Gaisbach.

Thereby we discover:

- Which flowers and grasses grow here, what bees like best
- Where does she hang around Biene-Line and what other insects are still cavorting
- on hot days we cool off in the Gaisbach to go in search of the coveted "Zugspitzgold”
- Who likes can finally make a great soapstone amulet

There's a lot to see in Biberwier too. Here we visit the llamas, go on a water research tour and explore the water habitat near the Loisach springs together.

- Who lives everything in our waters
- What does the lamas do
- What great things can you build and tinker with stones
- Who wants to paint his own stones and find out which games you can play with them.
WEDNESDAY | Sights on the bee and its home:

Did you know that there are about 40,000 bees in a hive? And that a bee must fly around the world about three times to make a jar of honey?

Today we are very close to the bees. We visit a beehive and learn about the life of bees.

- We taste honey fresh from the combs
- make our own little bees
- and make lots of great bee games

There's never a dull moment in the forest. Did you know what great things you can do in the forest? Only with the help of natural materials?

And you can make chips from nettles - did you know that?

- In the “Wunderwald” in Berwang we meet many new friends of the Bee Line
- Together we build a shelter
- give free rein to our creativity with the forest mandala
- and build our own forest ball track
- to cool down we visit the Kneipp facility
- on the way there we usually find some goodies like wild strawberries and nettle from which you can make chips.
FRIDAY | element FIRE:

To top it off, we visit the exciting Lusspark in Lermoos.

- here we can really let off steam again
- make a campfire
- Enjoy stock bread and sausages
- together with our parents, let the week come to an end and maybe even persuade them to play together 😉

When it rains we can stay in the colourful Confettialm in Ehrwald and do handicrafts, play, sing, dance and whatever else comes to our minds.

All in all, we spend an eventful time together in the great outdoors, where we often make great friendships, which often continue beyond the holiday season. The fact that we also learn a lot about the nature around us "doesn't bother us at all" - because we learn it easily and playfully.

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